StartUp Battle


Name: Onyekwere Augustine

Business Sector: Information Technology / Internet

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

In no more than 150 words, what does your business do and why should you make the Start Up Battle final? is an online platform built to be Africa’s largest outsourcing, crowd sourcing and freelancer marketplace. It is an indigenous online platform where businesses and independent professionals can connect and collaborate. It allows for employers to interview, hire, recruit, connect and work with freelancers online. This idea is born out of the need to join African Leaders in combating unemployment and eradicating poverty, by rewarding talented individuals, improving dignity in labor and promoting skill acquisition. Has Created a virtual workspace of equal opportunities for career growth and improvement notwithstanding the Sex, Age, Country, Location, Religion, Ethnicity and background of the skilled freelancer. Everyone has the opportunity to reach the zenith of their career. can help open and link over 20 million people to jobs and could serve as a bridge connecting entrepreneurs with the labour market in Africa online.

How much investment are you looking for US$

$ 200,000

What will the money be used for?

Development completion,Take off marketing, take off operational expenses for the first one year and property, plants & Equipment