StartUp Battle


Name: Kevin Strom

Business Sector: Global Universal Communications Platform

Location: San Juan Capistrano, USA

In no more than 150 words, what does your business do and why should you make the Start Up Battle final?

We have created the first global universal communication platform connecting people throughout the world regardless of language or distance.  GlobeChat enables people to communicate with others anywhere in the world with video, photos, text, voice-to-text, and audio files on Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices, as well as tablets, laptops and desktops.  The platform translates languages real-time within private one-to-one, private group as well as public chat environments allowing for seamless interaction - each person receives messages in their native language regardless of the language of the sender.  GlobeChat offers an innovative search feature allowing a user to easily filter others globally based on age, gender, orientation, religion, political affiliation, education, career, interests, commonalities and more with the results immediately displayed on a colorful map of the world.  GlobeChat was featured on the Ed Begley Jr. hosted show "Innovations" on The Discovery Channel and currently have commercials airing on CNN, Fox Business and The Travel Channel.  In the first 90 days GlobeChat has spread to more 100 Countries! 

How much investment are you looking for US$


What will the money be used for?

Monthly Fees to Include Amazon Web Services, Bing Translator API, Quickblox Video Calling, Google Places API, Google Maps Time Zone API, Open Weather Map API, Authy/Twilio Verification Codes, Kiwitech Ongoing Technical Support, Legal (Stradling), New Features, Advertising, Marketing & GlobeChat Staff.