StartUp Battle

Connect Something

Name: Oluwaseyi Ajibola

Business Sector: ICT, E-commerce, Classifieds Ads

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

In no more than 150 words, what does your business do and why should you make the Start Up Battle final?

As the name "Connect Something™" already says, is an online meeting place where we connect people with anything they need to get connected to. Using this platform, we help our users get whatever they need and deliver to them anywhere in the country at the lowest cost in the market. We also connect customers to services at no extra charge. Unlike classifieds, we connect products, services, needs, donations to people and lot more, making sure they get it at the best affordable prices or state as the case may be. We don't sell the products or services, our users do and trade among themselves. In addition, we also provides our users easy access of activities and events of whatever interest they have created to friends and loved ones they want to invite. We also are not leaving out deals, swapping and trade of items of all kinds.

How much investment are you looking for US$


What will the money be used for?

Developing of mobile app and website, Publicity and advertisements, Registration on various platforms, Arrangements on working with all online stores and malls and Setting up of the company's HQ.