StartUp Battle

Brumby Pumps

Name: Tom Kress

Business Sector: Water

Location: Toodyay, Australia

In no more than 150 words, what does your business do and why should you make the Start Up Battle final?

Produce air operated submersible pumps to deliver water from bores and wells. Pumps are simple and reliable. Suited to many applications including supplying clean water in 3rd world countries. As the pump is air operated, the air supply (compressor) can be anything from electric to diesel, petrol, manual, solar or anything else. An associate company in India have just about completed development of a series of solar operated compressors for the pumps. Millions of people around the globe will benefit.

How much investment are you looking for US$


What will the money be used for?

Marketing, development of windmill compressor, water purification systems, service debt